Another shout out


My Ideal Protein SparkPeople forum has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Period.  If you are on Ideal Protein, I urge you to join the SparkPeople forum, even if you don’t use the other SparkPeople tools.

One fabulous sparkler (she coined the name, at least on our forum) is Bliss_Om.  And holy cow, she’s lost 62 pounds in 5 months!!!!  Her body is well on her way to realizing health benefits…and that’s really the most important thing.  Everything else is the proverbial icing on the cake.  I’m so proud of her, and all of the other women and men on the Ideal Protein journey.

And while I believe that Ideal Protein has changed my life, and the tenets of low carb/no sugar have worked for me…..I do believe there is a plan out there for everyone that will work.  This goes along with the article I posted yesterday about being a moderator or abstainer.  To over-generalize, a program such as Weight Watchers can work for moderators.  A program like Ideal Protein is good for abstainers.  Again, over-generalizing.

Anyway, my heart is filled with happiness for all of us overcoming obesity and embracing health and all that brings to us as a result!

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