Smoke and mirrors people….it’s all just smoke and mirrors.


OK, as previously reported, I lost 4 pounds overnight.  Whatevs.  Interestingly enough today 3 people have stopped me in my tracks to tell me how thin I’m looking.


I’m wearing yet another shirt that mom gave me from her closet (ladies size XL….when will I get used to being in “normal” sizes?).  So it must be the shirt.  Because we all know I hit 199 Day in January, and have only been as low as 188, and today I was 193….so I’ve been the same 10 pounds since my birthday.

So it’s the shirt.  A magic shirt.  Like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, only my shirt shows weight loss, instead of whatever Joseph’s coat did for him (yes, I’ve seen the show and went to Sunday School…but other than him having a bunch of brothers and the music being quite good from the musical I’m simply not remembering what the coat was about….and yes, I saw Donnie Osmond play Joseph in Chicago in the late ’90’s).

~~~~Unrelated, but related at the same time~~~~

In my next life I’m coming back as a heterosexual tenor.  Can you even imagine?  A never-ending supply of work, and a never-ending supply of women.

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