This morning I weighed in at 188.7, down from 189.0 the other day.  On Thursday, 4/11, I weighed 205.3.  So I will take the 16.6 weight loss for 2 weeks.  Yes, it was mostly water & glycogen, but some of it’s “real”.  From this point until my goal it will be probably 1-2 pounds per week, which is A-OK with me.

A few weeks ago my doctor thought 170 would be a great goal.  As I get closer to that number, I just don’t know.  Perhaps I’ll go to 160 and play in the 160’s with normal fluctuations.

I know 2 things for sure:

  1. My face has never looked thinner.  I shocked myself in the work restroom today my face looks so good.
  2. My blood pressure was 100/66 this morning at the doctor’s office (yearly checkup).  She joked they would have to revive me.  Public service announcement….ideal blood pressure is 120/80.  Until the end of July 2012 when I went off of BP meds, I had been on blood pressure meds since my early 20’s.
  3. I’m leaving for vacation in less than 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could life get any better?  SURE!!!!  Why not?  I deserve it!

Have a great day everybody!

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