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I’ve been mulling around for a couple of weeks how I’m going to eat on vacation.  The good news is I’m traveling with someone who is supportive of my new eating habits, and is not trying to sabotage me.

As a refresher, ketosis is when your body is in a state of burning fat for fuel.  Weight loss can happen based on purely calorie restriction.  For instance….I could lose weight eating only doritos as long as I ate 1500 calories of doritos per day and nothing else.  However, because that is nothing but processed carbs, I will have sugar highs, crashing lows, and huge hunger for most of the day.  Plus, as I lose weight, I will actually lose more muscle than fat.  The goal is to not only lose pounds and inches, but to have those pounds and inches be “mostly” from fat loss, not muscle.

So to stay in ketosis (fat-burning mode), I need to stay at or around 50-55 grams of carbs per day.

What I can’t eat:

  • bread
  • pasta
  • rice
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • peas
  • breading on foods
  • pizza crust
  • no sugar… candy, cake, ice cream, or fruits.

Just one cookie will throw my body out of Ketosis, and it takes 3 days to get back into it.

What can I eat?

  • Eggs
  • chicken
  • beef
  • pork
  • fish
  • almost all veggies (again, not potatoes, corn, peas, and a few others)
  • I get to have olive oil, in moderation.
  • IP products

What I can’t drink:

  • soda, regular or diet
  • alcohol
  • gatorade and the like
  • kool-aid and the like
  • fruit juices

What I can drink:

  • Water
  • Sparkling water
  • Coffee
  • Tea (I hate tea)

Cons to eating whatever I want on vacation, even if I “watch” what I eat

  1. Weight gain (even just the 5 pounds of “fake” glycogen weight is not appealing)
  2. Bloating due to putting crap in my body
  3. Clothes tighter/don’t look as good….including swimsuit
  4. Less energy
  5. More money because it would mean I would provide none of my own food at all
  6. Person I’m with might worry about me, even just a little
  7. I’ll have anxiety about “is that too much, etc…”

Pros to eating whatever I want on vacation

  1. don’t have to pack food
  2. get to fully enjoy the “food experience” of where I’m going

So there you go….in black and white…..7 cons to 2 pros.  Seems to me that eating on my plan far surpasses eating off my plan.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my eating plan is very strict.  You are either “on plan” or “off plan”.  The littlest “cheat” (one bite of chocolate, one taste of ice cream) and that’s it…..out of ketosis!

So dear stalkers, what I’ve decided to do is the following:

Barring some crazy unforeseen circumstance I’m going to eat completely on my diet except for one night.  One night, either Thursday night or Friday night (depends on the itinerary), I will indulge in dessert(s).  Then the next day it’s back 100% on track.  It will take me 3 days to get back into ketosis, and will stall my weight loss, but there will not be true weight gain and minimal bloating (if at all).

So that’s that.  I would say “wish me luck” but I don’t need luck.  I can do this.  I can do anything.  I’ve lost over one hundred pounds.  I got this.

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  1. Wow, you are so inspiring! I’ve followed similar diet plans and I know how hard it is…especially on vacation! I’m sure you can do it though. I love your pros and cons list. It really keeps it in perspective. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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