I’m really tired so I predict this post will be short and boring.

Because I love bullet points and lists…..

  • I’m really tired.  I did not sleep the last several days due to having a lot going on with wrapping up school for this semester and preparing for my trip.  I’m not looking for sympathy, just stating a fact.
  • I’m also tired because I’m currently living around stress, which is not fun for anyone.  Hopefully that improves soon.  If not, I’m leaving Saturday, so it will at least improve then.
  • Yesterday morning I weighed a new all-time low of 189.0.  Previously low was 189.4.  I’m now in new weight loss.  Typical for me, when I hit a new low I stay off the scale for a few days lest it bounces up slightly.
  • Once I hit 185 I will clinically be “overweight” and no longer “obese”.  I do believe if I hit that weight by my trip I may not deviate from my diet at all on my trip.  But I may not deviate anyway.  Yeah, it might be a little difficult to resist some temptations, but I’ll be having plenty of fun that it won’t be too bad.  Case in point….this morning someone brought in a plethora of bagels, donuts, fruit, and coffee and sat them on the cabinets right down my cube row.  I took some coffee, smelled the donuts and bagels, and went on my way.  And I didn’t even have my usual “really?” whine that I normally have with all of the food in the office.
  • I have only 2 more meetings to get through today, so hopefully I can do it with the ability to string coherent thoughts together.  I’m only attending them, not leading them, so that takes some pressure off.

Over and out.

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