I can’t believe I forgot to mention this…..


I’ve had an interesting “problem” that last several days that I have not experienced in years.  

If you recall, from blog entries past, I’ve been overwhelmed by shopping, because of all of the choice.  It’s still that way to a point, but it’s better.  I’ve tried on enough ladies sizes 12-14-16 and XL (not women’s sizes 14W-16W and 1X, 2X) to trust that most of what I grab from the rack is going to fit.  Some things run small, but that happens even if you are 90 pounds or 500 pounds. But 90% of what I try on fits.  It’s still unbelievable to me, but it’s really cool.  I can try on 75 pieces of clothing (no exaggeration….I probably tried on 75 pieces of clothing the other day at SAVERS) and not sweat.  It’s just so different.

But the coolest thing of all has happened in the last few days.

See, when you are large (and for me this was really anything 220+ pounds, for some it might be 250+, and some it might be 175+) you simply buy for “this will do”.  As in “that fits good enough, it looks good enough, and the price is good enough”.  You know you are going to pay premium because you have the audacity to be fat and use extra material.  So you simply have a lower bar.  The bar that asks “would I embarrass myself or others if I wear this?”; the bar that asks “will this do?”.  


So in the last few days I’ve turned a corner where I’m trying on clothes and everything looks great.  Everything looks cute.  I get to be picky.  I get to try things on 4 times before I decide to take it, or not.  It becomes “is this the best one?” “do you like this one more than the other 5 that looked good?”.  And I get to really factor in price.  It’s a whole new world.

I used to look atrocious in dresses so I haven’t had one in years.  Years.  Years.  Did I mention years?  I’ve had maybe a handful of skirts, because 2 pieces looked better than 1….just how my body goes with clothes.  But I now am the proud owner of 2 dresses.  And I look very nice in them.  Actually, I feel quite outstanding in them too.

So that’s that.

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