OK, so I’m doing a quick blog while I’m listening to my grad school class chat.

I found a swimsuit.  It took a village.  Told you it would.

I had swim pieces and parts from Kohl’s, Carson Pirie Scott, and Spanx.  And the winner…………bottom from Carson Pirie Scott, top from Spanx.  And I look like the after picture of Jabba the Hut’s mother.  😉

I have 2 dresses, of which I will take one and save one for other occasions.  I bought underclothing (I needed to anyway) and one new set of PJ’s (I needed to anyway).

Long story short….I’ve been shopping without my mom, so overbought to try things on for her at home so she could help me decide, then I did a round of returns this evening.  CRAZY!!!

This weekend I have to be sequestered with my final exam.  I also have to fit in my good friend for a Friday night dinner & shoe shopping.  Saturday is a hair trim.

I prepared some meals for over the weekend today while I prepared tonight’s dinner.

I’m making myself tired just looking at this.

And…..I’m putting a bow on a few things at work before I head out as well.

But I can’t wait!  To get out of town will be just what the doctor ordered!  To be in the warmth and sun will be heavenly!  To be in the company of someone I genuinely admire, enjoy, and adore will be the icing on the cake.

On the diet front I weighed in at 191.1 this morning….so 14.2 lost in one week.  I’m down 2 inches in my waist since my last official weigh-in at my clinic on 3/28.  My coach thinks the 15 pound gain was water weight but also inflammation of insides being really mad at me for eating crappy food.  We also talked about my vacation and what I’m going to do about eating.  Long story short……no alcohol for me (no big loss) because people can black out if they drink while in ketosis.  Also, I’m going to go ahead and have some desserts, but for the most part stick to my products (which I’m bringing) and also protein and veggies.

Oh, and she just attended a 4 day seminar of Ideal Protein where the experts spoke for one hour….one full hour….on why people in Phase 1 should NOT run.  Yep.  So I really was fighting myself for 3 months.   Starving all the time and losing muscle.  Great.  At least I’m on the straight and narrow again.

Rock on!

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