It’s going to take a village


to find a swimsuit that doesn’t look like Jabba the Hut’s mother who just lost 100 pounds is wearing it.

Not that I’m Jabba the Hut’s mother.


I only went to one place.  So there is still hope.  I actually bought a suit that “will do” if nothing better comes along.

I bought a sweatshirt and 4 t-shirts at Old Navy, so that was good.  

In the surprising find of the night, I bought a dress.  I do not recall the last time I bought a dress. And it actually looks nice.  I just have to keep my arms at my side.  I do not recall wearing a sleeveless dress since middle school.  The dress was from Kohl’s, as was the swimsuit.

That’s all for now.  Moving right along….

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