Happy Monday (yawn)


Here we go.  Another start to the week!  

What did I do this weekend?  A lot!  Spent time with many friends, and that was lovely.  Sunday’s weather was decent, not as warm as promised, but sunny and not bad.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore many places I’ve never seen before, and that’s been really interesting.  Seems I’m probably going to have more of that opportunity soon, with some potential travel in the works.

The trickiest thing about traveling to a warmer climate is the fact that last time I wore summer clothing I was way bigger.  That clothing has long been donated.  So I’m basically going to be shopping for a summer wardrobe in a hurry.  I’m going to try Savers for shorts and t-shirts, and Target/Walmart too.  Kohls is a definite option.  I tried on my sandals this morning and they are both big, but would probably work.  The one thing I’ll buy new is a swimsuit because I’m not going to wear someone’s donated suit.  I draw the line at swimsuits and underwear.

Much to schedule and plan.  But it will all be so much fun!  I do hope the trip happens, but you just never know until it’s actually booked.  

On the IP/weight loss front….I made it through days 4 & 5 without fatigue or headaches…..I’m fully in ketosis now, feeling great, and losing weight.  194.1 this morning.

Out for now.

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