Feeling super!


Well, I had a bad headache all day on my first day back on IP (Thursday), but not one since.  I may not go through the day 3-4 carb withdrawal.  I was on IP for 9 months without one single cheat, so I do think my body is used to, and responds well to, low-carb/high protein.

So on Thursday morning I weighed in at 205.3.  Before dinner today (2.5 days later) I weighed in at 194.9.  Honestly, not only do I feel about 3000% better, but I swear I’m thinner in my middle, my face, and my shoulders.  Once I get below 189 I will again be in “new” weight loss.  This could take a couple of weeks.  Honestly, I’m quite surprised I’ve already lost 10 pounds.  I figured I would be lucky to lose 8 pounds by Thursday (one full week).  So I’ve got no expectations.  All I can go on is history….and when I was pure IP before (first 9 months) I averaged 12-15 pounds lost per month.  However, I have difficulty believing it will fly off like that so close to my goal weight.

Blah blah blah.

I would ask if you were tired about me going on and on about my diet, but then I remember that the whole point of this blog is to share that part of my life.  So if you are tired of it, you may always stop reading.  🙂

In other news of the mundane….I got a lot of my stuff done for my current grad school class.  I guess I can thank the continued crappy weather for that!

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