Feeling great!


Stalker people I have to tell you I’m feeling so good today!!!  Still a huge feeling of relief over my decision.  I ordered more IP products and have weigh-in appointments scheduled starting next Thursday evening through the month of May.

This morning I’m off to a great start.  Drank the IP Mango & Peach drink for breakfast, and already have 20oz of water in me.  I topped it off with a great 8:30am meeting with my boss, and I’m off to the races!

In other news…..when is spring going arrive?  Seriously.  There is only one phrase that can sum up how I feel about the weather:  poop village.  Never heard that phrase?  Well, I made it up.  Years ago.  And I don’t even remember why.  But it’s what I use to get across the point that something is displeasing to me.  Can also be used as an expletive. 

“The weather is so poop village!”  or simply “Poop village!”

It makes me feel better.  Hey, aren’t we all 12 years old on the inside?  I think so.

Over and out.

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