A huge decision


OK stalkers, here we go. And this is a big one.

Hold on to your hats.

I’ve decided to go back to Ideal Protein Phase 1 full time, and as a purist (no vigorous exercise), until I get the remaining weight off.

By January I was feeling better than I had in my entire adult life and all I wanted to do was move my body. In preparing for the stair climb and my first 5k I did what Ideal Protein says you should not do while in Phase 1: exercise vigorously.

I wanted to be superhuman. I wanted to defeat the odds. I wanted to the be someone who could lose 10-15 pounds per month while on IP Phase 1 and exercising 3-4 times per week.

So I tried.

And I was hungry. All of the time. Since January.

So what changed since January? Exercising. Running 3 times per week. I was starving all of the time. I was drinking coffee all day long (and probably had 3 oz. of skim milk per day instead of just 1 oz per day), chewing sugar free gum all day long, just to get through.

I was also eating 4-5 IP products per day just to get through instead of only 3 IP products.

I was careful to keep my carbs to 50g or less per day, but was eating 1100-1300 calories per day (instead of 750-950). And I was starving because of all of the exercise. So I come before you, after having gained 10 pounds, to announce that I am resuming Ideal Protein Phase 1 with no vigorous exercise until I phase off, once I reach my goal, which my doctor thinks should be 170.

This means I’m going to not run the 5k on April 20th, and I will not run the 5k in mid-June. It will take me 2-3 months to lose my remaining weight, and with all of my stalkers as my witness, I’m going to do it!

So this means I’m just back to strolling in the neighborhood counting dogs and occasionally swinging my clubs. But the running will be there when I get to 170. And it will feel even better.

This, too, is all part of the journey.

I feel such relief that what I’ve been struggling with for the entire 2013 is finally resolved in my brain.

Yeah, I have to shell out money weekly for the weigh-ins and products, but that’s ok.  It’s an investment in me. And I’m so worth it. 😉

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you have decided not to participate in April 20th run because you worked so hard to be able to participate. But having said that, I understand totally your decision and how much of a relief it is to not be constantly wavering back and forth between should I and shouldn’t I. You are absolutely worth every penny IP costs to complete your weightloss journey and I support your decision 100 percent. Welcome back! Please rejoin us on the IP Spark Team. We love having you as part of our team and have missed you immensly!!!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT YOU, and then you TRULY ROCK, Amy!!! You’re an inspiration and you set a good example of how to keep your head in the game, thinking through your process, approaching new feelings and desires and testing them out – we’ll never truly know what works best for us until we try. You did that! GREAT FOR YOU!!! Now, you can feel good about your decision to continue on IP. YOu know why and it’s not just because someone else suggested it. You also help those of us coming behind you make similar thoughtful, reasoned decisions that empower us to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HEALTH! That is soooo HUGELY IMPORTANT! Thank you for being a champion and leader! YOU’RE AWESOME!!!! We will be FABULOUS BIG LOSERS TOGETHER on IP! WOO HOO!!!! – Your Friend, Bliss ;-D

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