Work Spouse chatting


Amy:  Hi there! I ran on sidewalks yesterday for the first time. Today my heels are bothering me a little bit.

Work Spouse (WS): how’d that treat you? hmmmmmm

Amy: At the time though the run felt a lot like the track. and I stretched after…..and it’s not like plantar fasciatis heel pain….it’s more just maybe because I’m a heel striker (that’s what running store man told me). it’s not pain, it’s just sensitivity, and I notice my heels instead of not noticing

WS: well… there’s sore… and there’s injury

Amy: feels like sore. feels like maybe in a couple of days when I run again I will do it on the track and see what’s what* (*note for blog: yes, I picked up this phrase from one of my stalkers)

WS: being a heel striker, and a new runner, be careful

Amy: how does one be careful

WS: I worry about stress fractures in my heels more than I do in my arches. just listen to your body. if you’re sore – don’t push it. there’s a WALK this weekend at the same place. we wont look out of place if we’re walking instead of jogging

Amy: No way Jose. I’m doing this. I’m not injured, just sensitive. I promise. I won’t run again for a couple of days, and I’ll run the track. If I don’t run outside again until the big day, that’s fine. The point was to know that I could do it.

WS: ok. who’s Jose ?

Amy: great question

Then later, at the end of a discussion regarding WS interviewing for an internal position at our company…..

Amy: you are ready for this. and would inject greatness into that group and into you. nothing like a boost to reinvigorate passion for where you are. just make sure to shower and wear matching clothes

WS: whoa! showering is NOT in the job description

Amy: perhaps not explicitly, but trust me on that

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