Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Nobody died


Today I ran 2-ish miles outside.  In the world.  As in not on a treadmill or a track.  And nobody tripped and/or died.

I didn’t want to do more than 2-ish miles my first time out in the world.  I did it in under 30 minutes, so I will have no problem doing a 5k in 45 minutes or less.

People tell me I should feel free to walk a little too, because they are 5k run/walk.  But I’m a perfectionist, and I feel if it’s a run, then I want to run.  Even if I’m the last one in.  Which I won’t be.  And if I am, well, whatevs.

When actions match words


In all relationships……platonic, romantic, familial, etc….male or female…..when someone’s actions match their words you have been blessed to have someone in your life that has integrity.

And to everyone in my life whose actions match their words, a big yay.  Simply yay.  🙂