Random musings


In no particular order…..

  • Happy 50th anniversary General Hospital.  I’ve been a fan for 32 years.
  • I miss Maks Chmerkovsky on Dancing with the Stars, but at least his brother Val is there.
  • I want to paint my house.  One room at a time.  First up is the main bathroom.
  • I still miss Lost.  I mention the smokemonster every now and then and sing “you all everybody”.
  • Only Gus would have the Travel Channel coming to film at the restaurant on Thursday and forget about it.
  • I sing at work.  Not quite as bad as Andy from The Office, but I still sing.
  • I have such a busy day at work tomorrow I told people I was going to come to work drunk to get through it.  Glad they knew I was joking.
  • Tomorrow night I’m getting my golf on with work peeps.
  • Tomorrow is going to be an excellent day.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to feel awesome, and eat awesome, and be awesome.

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