Busy at work, this will be quick because I know my stalkers are dying to know about my morning.

  • I did not show up for work drunk.  Just wanted to clarify that what I said yesterday and wrote last night was a joke.  The last time I was drunk was in the 90’s and a student, and not employed.
  • I do have a hangover today however.  A sugar hangover.  Which is why the detox.
  • No coffee either.  Just thought I would stay away from caffeine too while I was at it.  Because I’m a glutton for punishment.
  • I’ve taken 3 aspirin and 2 expired by over a year antacids this morning.  Interestingly enough the expired antacids have worked better than the aspirin.  Go figure.
  • Being on a strategic roadmap call with a German always provides me a very strange sense of comfort.  Oh those Germans and their systems……
  • Off to grab a salad with the work spouse, because he is worried about me and I need to convince him I’m fine

Over and out.

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