Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

Lord Jesus, there’s a fire!


I’ve really done it now.

Signed up for my first 5k.

Finally got the word from on high (work spouse’s actual spouse) that we have been approved for the 5k on April 20th in Huntley.

And now I’m scared.

Scary is good, right?

I’ve told work spouse it’s his job to call the ambulance.  And you know what he’s doing instead?  Insisting that I join him and other work peeps on the Ragnar Relay.  Because apparently I’m a runner now.  A really chubby slow runner.

But a runner.

Tonight we golf!  I wonder if it’s lesbian and Asian night at the Top Golf in Wooddale like it is every night at the Buffalo Grove Golf Dome?



Busy at work, this will be quick because I know my stalkers are dying to know about my morning.

  • I did not show up for work drunk.  Just wanted to clarify that what I said yesterday and wrote last night was a joke.  The last time I was drunk was in the 90’s and a student, and not employed.
  • I do have a hangover today however.  A sugar hangover.  Which is why the detox.
  • No coffee either.  Just thought I would stay away from caffeine too while I was at it.  Because I’m a glutton for punishment.
  • I’ve taken 3 aspirin and 2 expired by over a year antacids this morning.  Interestingly enough the expired antacids have worked better than the aspirin.  Go figure.
  • Being on a strategic roadmap call with a German always provides me a very strange sense of comfort.  Oh those Germans and their systems……
  • Off to grab a salad with the work spouse, because he is worried about me and I need to convince him I’m fine

Over and out.

Random musings


In no particular order…..

  • Happy 50th anniversary General Hospital.  I’ve been a fan for 32 years.
  • I miss Maks Chmerkovsky on Dancing with the Stars, but at least his brother Val is there.
  • I want to paint my house.  One room at a time.  First up is the main bathroom.
  • I still miss Lost.  I mention the smokemonster every now and then and sing “you all everybody”.
  • Only Gus would have the Travel Channel coming to film at the restaurant on Thursday and forget about it.
  • I sing at work.  Not quite as bad as Andy from The Office, but I still sing.
  • I have such a busy day at work tomorrow I told people I was going to come to work drunk to get through it.  Glad they knew I was joking.
  • Tomorrow night I’m getting my golf on with work peeps.
  • Tomorrow is going to be an excellent day.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to feel awesome, and eat awesome, and be awesome.