Safety net


Little scary today without my safety net of my food routine.

But I think overall it’s good.  I have to be able to do this with REAL food.  I have to be able to balance out my liver enzymes by having a more balanced food lifestyle.

At some point it would just be awesome for food, the good, the bad, the points, the calories, the carbs, the whatevers to just not be on the forefront of my mind ALL THE TIME.  And not in an “I’m hungry” way…..just in a “how many calories is that?  how many carbs?” way.

It’s just exhausting.

But I will get used to this too.  Just like I got used to IP to begin with.

In news of the proud….my mom actually dropped off the car at the place herself and the unknown man drove her home.  And she lived to tell about it.  So that’s one less thing I have to do….which is cool!  Running, here I come!!!!!

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