And just like that


Some clarity has arrived.

Tonight I’m going to have a discussion with my weight loss coach.  Even before knowing the results of my blood test with my liver enzymes I’m going to stop phase 1-2 of IP and go into phase 3-4.

Because of all of the negotiating with products and calories I’ve had to do just to be able to exercise I’ve slowed my weight loss to one pound per week.  This is FINE.  However, if that is all it’s going to be then I need to get a healthier balance in there, and that means carbs.  Not the crappy processed carbs…..but thoughtful carbs.  Fruits, all vegetables, some breads….

It’s time to go to this next phase of my journey.

I’m also grateful for a new person who has entered my ecosystem who has a lot of wisdom and has done much guiding in the past week.  You are a very wise person, and I’m grateful for that wisdom to drift around me.

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