Run Forrest


Tonight I ran for 29 minutes.  I didn’t feel like keeping track of how many laps I did, because I’m not in this for speed.  I can tell I’m running faster overall.  I can tell my body does not take as long to find a rhythm.  Another thing I find interesting is when the little couch to 5k man gives me the 2 minute warning I’ve been able to step it up and finish really strong the last several times I run.

Where I run there is a lovely indoor track with 4 lanes.  The inner lane is walk only.  The next over is walk-run, and the outer 2 are run only.

I have to take this moment and talk about some etiquette here.

Twice now I’ve seen this one particular woman….I would put her in her 50’s somewhere.  I give her credit for walking at the gym.  I really do.  That said, she walks fairly slow, and does not run.  She does not walk fast enough to pass other walkers.  Why does this woman insist on walking in the walk-run lane so those of us running have to have another obstacle (because she hugs the run lane)?  Ugh.  Sometimes I just want to say “move it, lady!”

Then there is the little guy who just runs circles around me.  I usually try to run in the walk-run, or the first run only lane.  There is always room in the outermost run lane for the little guy to pass me.  Oh no.  He always passes on the inner lane.  I don’t know why, but that annoys me.

I find it really interesting that when I run I do not run out of breath, or even breathe heavy.  I think that’s good.  Maybe I’m not doing it right.  I look forward to running with my work spouse for the first time so he can tell me how crappy I am at all of it.  LOL.

Whatevs.  😉

OK, stalkers….I’m off to bed.  Had several pieces of gum today….not cool.  Ugh.  Gum is of the devil.

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    • Lisa – thanks for reading & asking! A couple of reasons it’s bad on a low-carb diet: 1. The artificial sweetener is still considered a jolt to your pancreas (processes it as “sweet”). This is why diet sodas have come out as so bad for you in the last few years. 2. It actually has carbs in it….it adds up. Gum is what gets me through, and it’s really messing me up and has since December…..

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