Remember Don Music?


Don Music was a Sesame Street character for a short period of time in the 1970’s.  Forgive me if I’ve blogged about him before.  Point is, he was taken off after a season or two due to parental complaints that children were committing self-harm due to Don (or there was the potential).  He would play the piano and get frustrated and beat his head against the keys.



So today, with ye olde weight loss, I feel like Don Music, the after picture.

191-something.  Really?  REALLY?????????

What is it now, oh fickle body of hell?  Too much gum?  Too many brussels sprouts?  What?  WHAT???????  My period, which comes I swear to God every 2-3 weeks STILL.  Is Saturn in conflict with other planets?

I see my doctor on Friday, and they will have the results of my latest blood test.  If my liver enzymes are still out-of-whack and no better (they’ve been out-of-whack since July), then I’m going to phase off of phase 1+2, and get to maintenance….then just do pure calorie counting and exercise to get the rest of the way.  10 months of 50 carbs or less is not working with all of the running….and I’m not giving up the running.  It’s too good for my stress levels, my cardio-vascular, everything….

I will do this, because I can do anything now.  It just may take me longer.

And to that I say “whatevs”.

Hear me now, carbs…..I will conquer!  

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