The climb

2013 Chicago Fight for Air Climb

2013 Chicago Fight for Air Climb

Celebrating after the 2013 Chicago Fight for Air Climb

Celebrating after the 2013 Chicago Fight for Air Climb

Today was the day for my first “official” fitness challenge for 2013 in my new body and for my new life.  3 of us climbed one tower of the Presidential Towers in downtown Chicago at 10:15am local time (and today we “sprung forward” for daylight savings time, so it felt like 9:15am).  We had 2 who did not show up for whatever reason, and 1 showed up for moral support after spraining her ankle a week ago.

One building was 45 floors and it was not that bad!!!  We climbed as a team, and waited for the slowest of us, and found victory together!  It was a very well-organized event, and the volunteers were incredible!  Our team raised almost $1400 (and you can pretty much say double that with many doing a corporate match).

One funny thing was some of the men from the show Chicago Fire climbed up as well, and they were right behind us and passed us at one point.  I didn’t realize it was them until some women ahead of us were very excited and told me.  I just knew they were really good looking men!  LOL!

It took us just under 20 minutes to do one building, and next year I’m going to do more.  It was soooo fun, and was for such a great cause!  A year ago I would have never been able to do it, and I did it today with only a bit of perspiration on my brow!


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  1. Hey Amy – This is quilter2012 from SP. Congratulations on your stair climb and all the progress you’ve made since I last checked in. I wanted to ask you a few questions since it seems we’re on the same path…you are just a lot further along! Wondering about exercise…I’ve been reluctant to add it since on IP. I know it must be a part of my plan going in maintenance. How has it changed your weekly loss? You’re welcome to mail me. Thanks, an congrats!

    • Quilter – At this point I still have not been able to tell what the exercise has done for my weight loss, because since I’ve been exercising a lot (since January), I’ve also had a few “cheat” times, and I’ve been chewing sugar-free gum like an addict. I do know my inches have decreased, my endurance is outstanding, and my muscle has grown (though my body fat has not yet decreased significantly).

      I’m at the point now where I love the exercise so much (hello transfer addiction) that I would be more inclined at this point in my journey personally to stop IP as over the exercise, and just lose the rest by more of a weight watchers/modified IP plan.

      I’ve written the next part before, so forgive the copy & paste….

      When beginning the IP diet it is recommended to do only light walking (like strolling) for the first 4-6 weeks. I followed that. Then for probably the next 2-3 months I just walked a little more frequently and a little faster. Now, because I’ve been on IP for several months and my body is well-used to ketosis, I work out however I want, but always have an extra IP food (non-restricted) that day of exercise, and maybe even 10 oz. of protein instead of 5-8oz. My coach recommends eating the restricted IP item 30 minutes before exercising too. This has worked for me so far. The biggest thing is to watch your lean muscle numbers….because you don’t want to burn muscle. At your weigh-in place your coach should have a good scale that tracks muscle.

      I know that if you were an athlete before IP (I was not) you can exercise earlier in the program than I did…but you still need to follow the recommendations I listed above (extra packet, etc…)

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