No wonder I look different


I asked my weight loss coach tonight for my original measurements from May 25th 2012 (when I first met with her to start the program….I officially started the food on May 30th) as well as my measurements tonight.  Below are the inches lost, except for visceral fat.  I don’t know what UOM visceral fat is in….but I started with a “17” and now I’m an “8”….so I’ve lost 9.

Total Inches Lost
Neck 2.5
Shoulder 10
Underarm 3.5
Chest 9.5
Thorax 12
Waist 14
Hips 11
Thighs 5.5
Knee 5
Calf 2.25
Ankle 0.25
Visceral Fat 9

In other news, I just rocked couch to 5k week 5, day 2.  I love going to the gym.

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