I must remember this product when I get to maintenance…..

Nicole Meadows

507-0001I have recently discovered one of my new favorite products that you may or may not be interested in! It’s called PB2,a powdered peanut butter-when mixed with water is just like the real thing. HOWEVER, it’s only 45 calories per two tablespoons and about 13 calories from fat! That’s a much different nutritional value than the regular 190 calories per two table spoons from the regular stuff. PB2 also doesn’t use bad chemical processes or preservatives. This PB2 takes most of the fat out of the peanut butter and Dr. Oz even recommends it!

I love my peanut butter, I put it in and on everythingfrom toast, bananas eggs, celery, carrots, chicken and burgers, oatmeal, yogurt, cookies, and smoothies/protein shakes! I recently have had a thing for cold bananas and peanut butter. With PB2 I can add much more peanut butter on my bananas without feeling like I’m indulging as much…

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