A new low


I’m officially in “new” weight loss.  Today I hit 198.09.  Previous low was on January 11th of this year at 198.2 on the same scale.  So I’m officially back on a roll.  I have been eating 4-5 IP products per day, as well as my 8-10oz of protein and veggies….staying under 50 carbs (not net carbs) per day.  This seems to be working for me right now with exercising vigorously.  I may need to watch the calories….but working out does make you hungrier, and I’m still staying to plan, just eating more calories (1050-1200 per day instead of 750-950).  I think currently I’m making up the difference by burning more by exercise.  We shall see.

I did determine that I’m very afraid of getting to maintenance, because that is a new hard.  I’ve never really tried to maintain in my life.  I’m scared of being someone that gains some/most/all of their weight back.  Some is fine, within reason.  As I’ve stated before I think it’s normal/average to play with 5 to 8 pounds, especially in the winter.  I want to get to the point where I’m like “hmmm, my pants are little tight today, better watch it for a few days”.  You know, like a normal person.  😉

Happy Valentines Day stalkers!


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