Runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’


Hello.  I’m Amy and at some point around the age of 38.75 and 39.1 I decided I love going to the gym.  I love being fit.  I love spending the time on me.  I love challenging my body and doing good for my body.  I love running (even though I’m sure I’m the slowest runner on earth).  On. Earth.  But I don’t give a rat’s hat about that.  

Today as my couch to 5k man (an app, not a human being) stopped yelling at me, so I kept running.  Just as I’m thinking “where is that jerk?” I checked my phone and saw that for whatever mysterious reason my app stopped, and I’d been running much longer than I needed to.  LOL.

I’ve been doing machines for arms and legs now too, and did some abs exercises today.  They have a nice little room just for women for certain machines, which is nice for a little privacy.  I certainly feel like I belong at the gym….and heck, I even get looks at the gym now, so it’s more about just feeling awkward about certain machines (like “how does this one work?”) that makes me like the woman’s room for now just for a few of them.

Anyway, I just never knew I would love working out so much.  I look forward to it, and am sad when I can’t.

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