Just like riding a bike, one that’s on fire and has a flat tire


Today marks day #7 of being completely 100% on phase 1 Ideal Protein protocol, and I weighed in a 199.5.  Once I hit 198.2 it will be “new” weight I’ve lost, as I’ve hit under 200 3 times in the past month due to cheating for my birthday and the travel.

At the beginning of the week I was really white knuckling it.  I was attending online OA meetings every night just to stay strong.  I’m pleased to say I’m back in my groove, but it was difficult getting back to it this time.  But I knew if I didn’t get back on, and didn’t meet my goal (currently 160….last week I toyed with 170, but I would really love to play with the 160’s and top out at 170 as my warning bell), I would be very disappointed with myself.

I knew the last bit of weight was going to be tough….and winter is tough.  Our bodies are just designed to hibernate right now.  But I fight through it.

My next big milestone I look forward to is hitting 185, when, according to the evil and hateful BMI scales, I will finally be overweight instead of obese.  I hate the word obese with every fiber of my being, and I would consider it a lifetime achievement to reside in “overweight” BMI the rest of my life never touching obese again.  I really don’t see why I couldn’t do this.  If I hit 159, then I’m “normal”.  I just don’t know if my body could sustain a normal BMI after so many years of being not only obese, but morbidly obese.  Only time will tell, and I certainly don’t want to only be about numbers…..but it is about numbers, I just need to ensure I continue to focus on health and not obsess about any particular weight or size of clothing.

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