Day 3 or why Sweet Tomatoes is not a good restaurant for a diet



Day 3 because I ate off plan on Saturday night.  I had no choice…well…there is always a choice.  But I got to Sweet Tomatoes thinking I could have a simple salad and protein and ignore everything else…..only there is no protein on the salad bar that isn’t already drenched in salad dressing.  So for one more night I ate off-plan and began in earnest on Sunday.

I’m tired of losing the same 10 pounds, and I’m tired of the expense of my program (God love it, but it is not inexpensive), and I’m tired of the monotony.  There are a ton of products on my plan, so I’m just bored in general I think.  Tired of not having the flexibility that others have.

I know I can’t eat like I used to, else I will gain everything back.  However, it will be nice to just have some flexibility.  Alas, I have more pounds to lose before I can try out that flexibility.

I believe I’m adjusting my goal weight from 160 to 172, and play in the 170’s, with an alarm bell that goes off at 180.  That is a safe distance under 200, and I’m hoping a somewhat “easier” weight to maintain than say trying to get to 155 and maintain it.  We shall see though.  This is not set in stone.


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