Putting on the brakes


I come to you as a person who is more of a food addict than I ever thought. I’ve gained 10 pounds in a week (water, glycogen, real weight, whatever). I could give a bunch of excuses about travel, etc….but the bottom line of it is they are only excuses. After 8 months on IP I know how to do the protocol, and I know how to ignore temptation.

I got right back into addiction thinking and behavior….hiding my eating, eating as though it was my last meal, eating for reward instead of nourishment….all of it.

I’ve decided that IP is not enough for me to truly conquer all of my weight issues. I’ve decided I need to try Overeaters Anonymous as a companion to IP to learn more tools for what I need to maintain.

So today is my first day back on Phase 1 Ideal Protein protocol after being off for one week.

I traveled for work this week, and had one of the worst flights of my life on Tuesday.  We tried to fly from Chicago to Tulsa, but there were bad storms, so were diverted to Springfield, MO.  We had to drive by van for 3.5 hours to Tulsa.  We are part of a show production, and the food for the cast and crew are NOT healthy options.  So I literally would not have been able to find vegetables and protein that I could eat……the veggies had salad dressing and/or sauce already mixed in them, and protein already encased in sauce.  Ugh. The world does not cater towards health.

I have more travel by plane coming 2/18 – 2/20, but I’ve already resolved that I will NOT stray from my plan until I reach 160.  There will be NO excuses about travel, inconvenience, etc…

These are things I need to remember……

1.  The emergency is NOT over.  Yes, I’m off of meds, feel better than I have in years, look better than I have in years, etc….but I’m still obese.

2.  I need to eat for nourishment, not reward.

3.  I am a food addict.

4.  This is a journey.  This is my journey.  I refuse to beat myself up.  I’ve come clean with my mom and all of you about my addiction behavior from this past week, and the backslide it caused.  If I didn’t want to stop, I would have never told anyone, verbally or otherwise.

So we begin again.  Here we go!!!!!


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