Checking in and all is well!


OK stalkers, just a quick update because it has been a while.  On January 16th I was brave enough to face the scale and weighed in at 204 and change, albeit “fake weight”.  Today, 1/23, I’m finally back to 198.9 (my lowest was 198.1…but that was wearing only underwear, whereas the 198.9 today was with pajamas on….so I consider myself to be even and back to Jan. 8 weight).

So from here on out it will be new weight I’m losing, so yay for that!

Another yay is I did not beat myself up for the eating, but as mentioned in the previous post, I felt like a cat’s butt for a few days afterwards….so that was punishment enough.

I’ve been stair climbing at work, and doing couch-to-5k at the gym as well.  So far it does not seem as though I’m losing muscle (based on my personal “fancy scale” that measures those things).  I look forward to seeing my IP coach tomorrow night and get her thoughts on where I’m at with stepping up the exercise.

Over and out!

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