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Checking in and all is well!


OK stalkers, just a quick update because it has been a while.  On January 16th I was brave enough to face the scale and weighed in at 204 and change, albeit “fake weight”.  Today, 1/23, I’m finally back to 198.9 (my lowest was 198.1…but that was wearing only underwear, whereas the 198.9 today was with pajamas on….so I consider myself to be even and back to Jan. 8 weight).

So from here on out it will be new weight I’m losing, so yay for that!

Another yay is I did not beat myself up for the eating, but as mentioned in the previous post, I felt like a cat’s butt for a few days afterwards….so that was punishment enough.

I’ve been stair climbing at work, and doing couch-to-5k at the gym as well.  So far it does not seem as though I’m losing muscle (based on my personal “fancy scale” that measures those things).  I look forward to seeing my IP coach tomorrow night and get her thoughts on where I’m at with stepping up the exercise.

Over and out!

My own “Super Size Me” experiment


Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I’m actually relieved it’s January 15th, as my b-day was yesterday. I will admit that unlike the holidays, I went ahead and experimented with foods I had not eaten in a long time (7.5 months). I would say “treated”, but the way I feel now it was certainly NOT a treat. I feel like I harmed my body, knowingly and willingly. I will NOT do that again. I feel like in so many ways I am on my way to really being a survivor of food addiction. I actually PREFER eating healthy. I PREFER treating my body as a temple. I would have never thought I would be that person. I used to dream about pizza and sweet treats. I ate pizza for the first time in 7.5 months yesterday and honestly, for me it was “eh”. I’m not saying I stopped eating it, because throughout the day I at my entire 4 slice personal pizza, among many other non-protocol foods since Friday night (birthday weekend, if you will). And it was all “eh”.

super size


I never saw the movie, but I feel like I did my own Super Size Me experiment. I’m grateful I did it, because it proves to me that I’m a different person now, thanks to IP and all of you and many other people in my life.

I’m not even going to step on the scale for several days. I know I’m over 200, even if it’s fake weight. I honestly feel 300 pounds again….sluggish, headache-y, taking antacid (woke up last night with acid reflux….first time since May 2012).

As I had always planned, today I begin again, grateful for the experiment that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a different person as I begin this new year as a 39-year-old. I’m excited to be back on Phase 1 and will rock these last pounds to my goal, and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Blessings to all on this Tuesday!

Happy 199 Day


What?  You don’t celebrate 199 Day? You don’t even know what 199 Day is?  Let me share with you what I know it to be.

The last time I weighed anything with a “1” as the starting number I was in college.  I remember vividly standing in the 3rd floor bathroom of the SAI house at 720 Emerson St, Evanston, IL weighing myself on one of those old school manual scales where you have to move the thingie over from 100 to 150 to 200 to 250, etc…and weighing in the mid-190’s (after losing some weight…maybe 10 pounds) and saying (out loud mind you) that “I will never weigh in the 200’s again”.  Ah, the hopes and dreams of a 20-21 year old.

So here today, on January 8th, 6 days before I turn 39, I am 199.5.  The first time in 18-19 years I’ve had a “1” as my starting digit.  That, my friends, is 199 Day.

As of 199 Day I’ve lost 105.4 pounds.  This means (do the math) on May 30th, 2012 I began my journey at a very unhealthy 304.9 pounds.  There.  I said it.

Some thanks to the following:

  1. Ideal Protein & Dr. Tranh – may God bless Dr. Tranh and his development team.  They put together a HEALTHY program that really works.  This program is a true God-send for anyone like me with a food addiction.
  2. My Ideal Protein Coach, Suzanne Janusz, at the Palatine, IL office of WomanCare.  Her calm, genuine, and knowledgeable support has made all the difference.
  3. My Ideal Protein Sparkpeople community forum.  May the person who came up with the recipe for turning IP Cereal into pancakes win the Powerball and live out the rest of their days on a private island, should they choose to.  These folks on this forum have been a second form of therapy for me, in every way.  I’m eternally grateful.
  4. My mom & dad, for supporting me my entire life, but especially during the last 7.5 months.  They went through “weird food Thanksgiving” and “non-traditional Christmas” and have themselves lost 15-ish pounds (mom) and 50-ish pounds (dad), and have lengthened their lives and improved it immensely.
  5. My work friends.  You deserve a medal for all of the high-octane crabby days, and endless whining of me saying “Another potluck, really????”.  Your support has been tremendous, and I will forever be in your debt.
  6. My work spouse, who has given me faith in men, and shown me such loving, brotherly support along my journey.  Your funny, encouraging comments along the way “eat a hamburger”, etc…have given me support in ways I can’t even express.  My cool “100” patch for when I hit that milestone, and the support that you and your real spouse will run with me during my first 5k is a blessing in my life.
  7. All of my friends from work & “real life”….there is not one of you….NOT ONE OF YOU…who has even subconsciously tried to sabotage me.  Your support of my feeling comfortable in only 3 restaurants (give or take) has been fabulous.  Speaking of which….
  8. The staff of the Outback Steakhouse in Buffalo Grove, IL.  You know you frequent a place when they recognize you.  Thanks for dealing with all of my different food requests.
  9. Freya Taylor, author of “Suddenly Skinny: A Weight Loss Survival Guide”.  I’ve read your book over and over like it’s my job.  I quote it, and have lived it.
  10. Brian.  For treating me like a queen.  And being ecstatic when I won the weigh-off.
  11. Gus. For your support, including letting me win the weigh-off.
  12. My FB friends for being SOOOO virtually supportive.  Reading my posts along my journey, “liking” posts and pics, and giving me comments of encouragement have given me another form of support and accountability.
  13. Many others.  To be continued.

I’m writing this like I’ve met my final goal.  My final weight goal is somewhere between 160-180.  But I now believe with my entire being that the real goal is living life to the fullest, healthiest way possible.

Love to everyone on this day, 199 Day.  How will you celebrate?  It’s a work day for me (it’s not a National Holiday, especially because no one knew when it would be), and I’m going home and cooking a fabulous, on-plan dinner.  That, and not stepping on the scale for several days.


Bless me, for I have sinned


My weight is still fluctuating a ton because:

  1. I have the fitbit aria scale, and it updates my weight every time I get on it, which is once a day usually.
  2. I’ve had a bad cold for 2 weeks now, and while I’m at the end of it, I’m still having to suck on the sugar-free lozenges (I ate probably 15 last night getting through a movie in a movie theater and also preparing to fall asleep). I have yet to find a sugar-free alternative (in the common stores) that does NOT have aspartame. And this seems to be playing with me and stalling just like in December when I was chewing sugar-free gum like a mad-woman.
  3. After 7 months on IP and after losing 100 pounds I’m rather tired of eating like a pauper when I go out for a meal with friends. I will admit that last night I had the following: 5 sweet potato tater tots, 1/2 slice of dark pumpernickel bread with a teaspoon of butter, green beans with butter, broccoli, and greek-style half a chicken not always avoiding the skin. On days where I know I’m going to “cheat” like that I don’t have my 3rd product (the restricted product) and also don’t have the 2 tsp of oil. THIS IS NOT FOLLOWING PROTOCOL AND I AM NOT SANCTIONING THIS, because it’s obviously not working for me…..but I figure the “damage” could be worse.
  4. I have one more “holiday” to get through, and that is my birthday on January 14th. I am going to talk with my coach regarding what I can do on that day, because I would like piece of cake on my darn birthday.
  5. I’m starting to feel like I need a bit of a break from Phase 1, and I will discuss this with my coach. Even a complete stranger last night recognized I was eating low-carb last night and said I looked beautiful (stunning, she said) and did not need to worry about losing more weight. OK, OK, this was a waitress (and yes, she got a good tip), but it felt very genuine. That, and many people in my life are telling me I look great and don’t need to lose more weight.
  6. That said, I want to be a “safe” distance under 200. But I’m toying with the idea of stopping hard-core phase 1 at 180 instead of 160, and getting to 160 in a slower way.

So this is what has been in my head for the last several days.

202 and change this morning, btw.  Whatevs.