Back in the Saddle


OK, I was barely out of the saddle….it’s not like I grazed my way through the holidays.  Hardly.  I ate too much gum for 15 days and then ate some off protocol items on Christmas Day.  I was back at it on the 26th, and today is Day #2 of pure phase 1.

Weighed in at 205.8 this morning….2 pounds lighter than yesterday morning.  Heading in the right direction again, and feeling better as well.  Saw my coach today and she told me about the “sugar hangover” that I experienced yesterday.  Was really strange.  Really felt like a hangover.

45 pounds just seems like a drop in the bucket.  I can’t wait to get there!  For Christmas I bought my mom a little picture scanner that is much quicker than traditional scanners, so I’ve scanned about 1500 pictures since Christmas Day.  I’ve seen pictures that show me as being at least 250 pounds since the late 1990’s.  All of the pics reaffirm why I am on this journey, and why I will see it through to the end and beyond.

I’m just so grateful I finally figured it out.

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