Assessing the damage


Hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Christmas!

In December I started the month on a roll of weight loss. Then it got really challenging, and I compensated by eating on protocol, but supplementing with too much artificial sweetener (like a whole pack of Trident gum in a day for several days in a row, as well as several pumps of sugar-free Davinci syrup in my coffee), and I stalled between 12/10 and 12/25.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I went ahead and ate off-protocol, even though my family was supportive and I didn’t have to. I went into that bit of addictive thinking of “whatever, I haven’t lost weight for a while anyway, and it’s Christmas”. So I indulged. Mostly on sugar. I did not have bread, but I did have cheese, as well as other off protocol items. And you know what? Today I feel like a truck ran over me.

I feel stiff. I feel heavy. I feel blah. My body just doesn’t feel right.

I’m so glad I had this day. I am now committed, more than ever, to myself, the rest of my journey, and Ideal Protein. I’m determined to meet my goal weight by my one year anniversary on IP (May 30th, 2013) if not before. I’m also not married to my goal weight.

I’m 5’7″ with a medium frame. I may be happy at 180. I may be happy at 170. I may be happy at 160. I may want to go to 155. I won’t know until I get closer to these numbers. So right now, and in the recent past I’ve chosen 160 as my goal weight. So today I begin again, and I hope you all begin with me, if not today, then on January 2nd.

Today I weighed in at 207.8.  We begin again, and go forth!

Rock on!

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