Weight loss is a mental game


So, pending the Christmas miracle….I will NOT hit 199.9 by Christmas.  I really thought I was on the road to hitting that goal.  However, the losses have ground to a halt.  Look at these crazy numbers…

12/10/12 204.85
12/14/12 203.71
12/15/12 203.73
12/16/12 204.96
12/17/12 204.26
12/18/12 205.1
12/19/12 203.97

So 204.85 (from 12/10) to 203.97 (on 12/19) means I’m not even down one full pound in 9 days.  I’m only down 5.4 for the month of December.  This month could actually be the worst yet, followed only by October.

The only things I can speculate that have messed me up are the following:

  1. I ate 4 pecan halves, sugared, at Christkindlmarkt in Chicago on Sunday.  4.  As in could barely even taste the damn things.
  2. While I’ve been in the 30’s for net carbs, there have been a couple of days where I hit 52 for overall carbs (really?).
  3. I had a couple of higher-calorie days (like 1250 calories instead of 950-1050), but still under 50 for carbs.
  4. A couple of days I was light on the veggies, but there are other days I get more than the recommended 4 cups…but again, see point #2.
  5. I had my period the week of Thanksgiving, then again 2 weeks later, and then today it started AGAIN out of nowhere.

I know I will get there.  I know the 199.9 number is arbitrary.  I know I’ve already won the war.  It just still would have been nice to have made it for Christmas.  I realize the biggest Christmas gift to myself is the health I’ve given myself by losing 100 pounds.  I just hope the last 25-45 don’t take me 6 months to lose…..

OK, I will stop whining now.  Thank you for indulging me.



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  1. Stick with it, there could be many reasons. Drink more water? Cut out sugars, incl excess consumption of fruit, cut our bread, switch to salad or veg tagine, increase leaf green veggies, cut out sugar drinks.. Add some exercise into your week too? I know how you feel, have been there too. Cutting bread and adding more water is what got me off that shelf 🙂

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