Net Carbs, or just Carbs?


From what I could quickly glean, the jury seems to be out still on the concept of Net Carbs.  Some people define Net Carbs = Carbs – (dietary fiber + Sugar alcohols).  For the sake of simplicity I consider Net Carbs = Carbs – dietary fiber.  I did a quick analysis of my Net Carb intake since the beginning of my program, and interestingly enough, the month I had the highest carb/net carb numbers (October) was the month I lost the least amount of weight.  By using I track my food and I’ve tried to stay under 50 carbs per day, and it seems the “sweet spot” for me is under 40 “Net Carbs”/under 50 “Carbs”.  I think this analysis will help me in the long run once I get to maintenance.

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  1. Do you find it a pain to track everything like that? I think it’d be interesting to see for a week or so how my numbers break down but I can’t imagine doing it long-term.

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