The 90 pounds just floated away apparently



Today I hit the 90.3 weight loss mark, weighing in at 214.6.  I celebrated by pulling out some old recital/audition gowns I’ve had packed away for years.  My hair is a day unwashed, in a ponytail, and no makeup has crossed my face.  My mom took the pic, and it’s blurry.  But holy cow do I look fabulous, especially compared to just over a year ago.  I feel like I was a different person then, and it was only 5.5 months ago.

I bought J-Lo jeans from Kohl’s today.  Size 16.  Not 16W.  I walked right on by the women’s section… are clothes less expensive in the ladies section!

Have a great start to the Thanksgiving Week everyone!

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  1. Congratulations on the new jeans! I bet you felt soooo awesome and proud! I haven’t seen size 16 for years…probably since high school and I’m 41! Maybe in several more months. Anyway – way to go!

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