Where have you been young lady?


OK, it’s been a crazy few weeks.

Mom, who has COPD, was in the hospital twice, and then I had a pet emergency.  Mom is back home and better than she’s been in weeks (and almost 100% at that), and Jake had a complete turnaround as well.  Suffice it to say it was simply crazy.

However, I’ve stuck to Ideal Protein and am more determined than ever to get to under 200 by the end of 2012.  Today I weighed 217.6, so it’s in my sights.  I’m going to zumba tonight, and am looking forward to my first “normal” week in weeks.

One miraculous thing I just realized…..I never have to shop in a “fat lady” store again.  No offense to Catherine’s, Avenue, Lane Bryant, or the Women’s section of many department stores….but I no longer am restricted to your wares.  Your wares are quite decent, for the most part (especially Catherine’s), but bargain shopping is almost non-existent.  And sometimes your wares are frumpy or just not my style.

As I’m perusing the interwebs because my mom asked me to tell her stores I want gift certificates to for Christmas I realized that even “cool stores” like Gap & Old Navy carry size 18, and I’m in size 14-16-18 depending on the brand, cut, style, etc….so this means I never have to shop in the fat lady store again.  And I plan on losing quite a bit more weight, so at some point clothes in the fat lady store won’t even fit anyway.  It’s looking like a solid size 10-12 is where I want to land, and there is nothing that small in those stores/sections.

I’m truly in shock.  I look in the mirror and I’m not horrified.  I don’t even know who I am half the time.  I woke up the other day excited to be such a smaller size….it was like a dream.  And all of this has happened so quickly…only 5 months.  What a miracle.

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