Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Last Friday


I can’t believe I forgot to mention that I had a doctor appointment last Friday to review my triglycerides.  I had been on 2 meds for high triglycerides since 1997.  I am now off of the 2 meds.  Add that to the removal of the 1 med for blood pressure in July I am now rid of 3 prescriptions I had been on for 15 years.

And for anyone who wonders, no, I never was diagnosed as a type II diabetic, so I was never on meds for that.  However, you and I both know I would’ve eventually been a type II diabetic.

Unfortunately, my liver enzyme that was high in July is even higher in October.  I have to have my blood re-drawn in 2 months to see where I’m at.  The liver and kidneys are experiencing short-term stress – they are having to filter through a lot of fat, which has absorbed and held on to many years of junk in my system (excess hormones from birth control pills, excess prescriptions, excess toxins, etc….).  It’s about short-term stress for the long-term goal.  Ideal Protein has literature about this known liver enzyme and short-term stress, and it will return to normal levels once I’m off of the weight loss phase of the diet.  So I’m trying not to worry about it.

100 pounds less than September 2006


These are the current stats on my SparkPeople ticker.

  • 78.5 = LBS Lost since 5/30/12
  • 226.4 = Current Weight, 10/19/12
  • 304.9 = Starting Weight, 5/30/12
  • 327 = All-time highest weight, 9/06
  • 159.9 = Current Estimated Goal Weight
  • 142 = Days on Ideal Protein as of 10/19/12
  • 3.87 = Avg LBS Weekly Weight Loss 5/30/12-10/19/12
  • 3.19 = Avg LBS Weekly Weight Loss 9/20/12-10/19/12
  • Latest celebrated milestone = 100 pounds less than heaviest weight, 10/18/12
  • Go Northwestern Wildcats! 6-1 in NCAA Football

There is something very freeing about putting your stats on the interwebs.

Oh, and not on my ticker, but as an FYI, I’m 5′ 6.5″.  So I do have some height on my side.