2001: A Clothes Odyssey


So in 2001 my ex-husband an I called off our wedding 36 hours before the wedding.  We eventually planned a wedding that DID occur in 2003.  Yes, we are now divorced, but are really good friends.  It’s a long story, and one the interwebs don’t need to know.  Suffice it to say we called off our first wedding.

Being the typical bride, I had a special outfit purchased for the rehearsal & dinner, as well as my “get away” outfit from the wedding reception.  These 2 outfits were never worn.  Not only were they never worn, but their tags remained on them.  I loved these outfits and never returned them.

After calling off the wedding I gained a lot of weight (like 50+ pounds), of which I lost 35 or so for the actual wedding of 2003.  Interestingly enough, I lost enough weight so that the wedding dress fit me in 2003 (I wasn’t buying a 2nd dress for the same man), but not these 2 outfits.  So these 2 outfits have lived in my closet for lo these 11.5 years, representing a weight/size I hoped to be in again someday.

And today is someday.

For the last 30 pounds I would almost weekly get these 2 outfits out and try them on for my mom.  First the outfits barely fit, then they were barely able to be zipped/snapped.  Today I was able to zip/snap myself and felt comfortable that I would NOT bust out of the one outfit, so I wore it to work.

The clothes are from April 2001, and now it’s October.  So honestly, the one dress looks very much like spring, so I don’t think I’ll wear it, but maybe I’ll throw it on and go to dinner some night with mom.  The skirt/blouse/jacket I’m wearing today also looks like spring, but I’m able to pull the look off.

So yay.

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