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The set-back that was positive


Hi Stalkers!

I’ve had a bit of an adventure this week as I had to take my mom to the ER on Monday night for a severe COPD exacerbation. She has been in the hospital all week, with her progress slow, and even went a little backwards yesterday. However, as long as she continues progressing in the positive direction she will be heading home tomorrow (she lives with me).

So this week has been a challenge for me food-wise. I will admit I’ve cheated, but in the scale of cheating I would put it at a 2 out of 10, with 10 being pizza. This is what I’ve cheated with:
1. 2 or 3 restricted products per day
2. Creamer in coffee 3-4 times per day
3. Sauteed onions from the cafeteria
4. Too many tomatoes from the cafeteria

I gained 2.4 pounds over the last 2 days, but I’m not worried at all. I could have gone haywire, and I did not. And today, with my mom on a positive trajectory, I’m reinvigorated to have a great day. I packed only non-restricted items and will only get a grilled chicken breast over baby spinach salad from the cafeteria for my “real food” of the day.

I’m grateful for this “setback” bc I proved to myself that even if I have some stress eating I don’t go crazy. So I’m very proud of myself, and those 2.4 pounds will come off in no time and I will be back to weight loss.

Have a good day everybody. And if I may get preachy for a moment, please stop smoking if you do smoke. I’ve seen first-hand what smoking can do, and it’s not pretty.


So today I added one more bag of clothes to the 10 I put in the trunk a few weeks ago.  Today I was brave enough to drop off the bags at the donation center.

So now I really can’t gain my weight back because I just simply can’t afford it!  J/K, but it is another good motivator.  I’m going to write a list of all of the reason to NOT gain the weight back.  Not this moment, because right now I’m cheering on the Northwestern Wildcats to victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  🙂

A moment of silence for the clothes please….

Last Friday


I can’t believe I forgot to mention that I had a doctor appointment last Friday to review my triglycerides.  I had been on 2 meds for high triglycerides since 1997.  I am now off of the 2 meds.  Add that to the removal of the 1 med for blood pressure in July I am now rid of 3 prescriptions I had been on for 15 years.

And for anyone who wonders, no, I never was diagnosed as a type II diabetic, so I was never on meds for that.  However, you and I both know I would’ve eventually been a type II diabetic.

Unfortunately, my liver enzyme that was high in July is even higher in October.  I have to have my blood re-drawn in 2 months to see where I’m at.  The liver and kidneys are experiencing short-term stress – they are having to filter through a lot of fat, which has absorbed and held on to many years of junk in my system (excess hormones from birth control pills, excess prescriptions, excess toxins, etc….).  It’s about short-term stress for the long-term goal.  Ideal Protein has literature about this known liver enzyme and short-term stress, and it will return to normal levels once I’m off of the weight loss phase of the diet.  So I’m trying not to worry about it.

100 pounds less than September 2006


These are the current stats on my SparkPeople ticker.

  • 78.5 = LBS Lost since 5/30/12
  • 226.4 = Current Weight, 10/19/12
  • 304.9 = Starting Weight, 5/30/12
  • 327 = All-time highest weight, 9/06
  • 159.9 = Current Estimated Goal Weight
  • 142 = Days on Ideal Protein as of 10/19/12
  • 3.87 = Avg LBS Weekly Weight Loss 5/30/12-10/19/12
  • 3.19 = Avg LBS Weekly Weight Loss 9/20/12-10/19/12
  • Latest celebrated milestone = 100 pounds less than heaviest weight, 10/18/12
  • Go Northwestern Wildcats! 6-1 in NCAA Football

There is something very freeing about putting your stats on the interwebs.

Oh, and not on my ticker, but as an FYI, I’m 5′ 6.5″.  So I do have some height on my side.