I am now losing Chicago Symphony Chorus weight, season 1998-1999


In my first season of the Chicago Symphony Chorus, 1998-1999 we were preparing a huge tour to Berlin, Germany, where we performed Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron and Brahm’s German Requiem.  As I recall, we had rehearsals 2-3 times per week for pretty much the entire season, which was insane while working full-time.

I was living in Des Plaines, IL, working in Glenview, IL, and rehearsals were at 220 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL (Symphony Center).  I was 24-25, and still eating with bad habits from college.  Suffice it to say I was eating a lot of fast food prior to rehearsal at 7pm, and then having a substantial snack when I got home after 11pm at night.

I know I gained 20 pounds during this season, and I’m now at the upper edge of the 20 pounds.  This is why I know I’m losing the title of this post.  In 20 more pounds I could name the title “I am now losing my unrequited college love weight, ca. 1994-1997”, but I probably won’t.

Today I’m in a series of numbers I was in for such a short period of time it’s actually a blur.

65.1 as of this morning.  Day 109 on Ideal Protein.  Take that, fat!

Oh, and I had a lovely dinner with a lovely new friend last night who has been very lovely about my weird way of eating and even ordered a salad for dinner as well.  🙂

At home

Looking smaller all the time!

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