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Four months….where has the time gone?


I started my journey toward health and wellness on May 30th, 2012.  The wonderful program I found is Ideal Protein, developed by Dr. Tranh.  This program has been nothing short of a miracle for me.

I found the diet in March, just poking around on my doctor’s website ( , as it was time for my annual check-up.  I noticed there was a new section devoted to weight loss, and decided to check it out.  What I noticed was a program that possibly could work for me.  It included many products (many choices) of both savory and sweet items, as well as incorporating “real food” that I would need to provide (5-8 oz. daily of lean protein and 4 cups of allowed vegetable).  It just seemed like a nice mix of foods to keep someone interested in the long-haul it would take to lose more than 100 pounds.

But at that time I was planning a vacation.  My first cruise ever with a dear friend of mine from high school.  And of course, who wants to be on any kind of diet on a vacation?  Not anyone, ever, that I’ve ever heard of.  And my vacation was planned for the middle-to-end of May.

So periodically I would pop back to that website over the next several weeks, reading and contemplating.  By the time I went on vacation I had decided I would do this, but I would start after Memorial Day, because, well, why wouldn’t I want to have one summer holiday with burgers and and hot dogs, etc….?

I knew even before starting the program it wouldn’t be the last time EVER I would have a burger and hot dogs, but it would be the only time during the summer of 2012 I would.  So I proceeded to have an eating extravaganza between my cruise and Memorial Day, making sure I hit all of my favorite foods prior to May 30th.

The first days, as evidenced by this blog, were counted by days.  Like a newborn.  Then weeks.  I still count the days.  Today is Day 123….only now I let Excel count it for me.

Yesterday my dad called me skinny twice.  I don’t believe he’s ever called me skinny.  We both know I’m not skinny, nor do I want to be skinny….because I believe skinny has just as bad connotations as the word fat.  But it was sure nice to hear it.

Oh, and Northwestern won their football game too yesterday.  So overall, a great day.

So here are some stats….

  • LBS Lost since 5/30/2012: 71.9
  • Time on Ideal Protein as of 9/30/12: 123 days
  • Avg Weekly Weight Loss 5/30/12-9/30/12: 4.09 lbs
  • Avg Weekly Weight Loss 8/29/2012-9/30/12: 3.46 lbs

So yay for me, yay for health, yay for Ideal Protein, yay for Dr. Tranh, and yay for everyone!

115 Days, 68.3 pounds, and 10 bags of clothes


I’m becoming an expert at homework avoidance.  About 7:30 I decided to go through my clothes that were hanging in the closet.  I’ve done this before, but not for 20 pounds or so.  Since the start of my journey I’ve been packing clothes away into garbage bags, and putting them in my closet.  I decided tonight it was safe to put them in the trunk of my car, even if I drive around with them for a while before dropping them off for donation.  And, like the title says, there were 10 bags.

Today marks 115 days on the diet, and as of this morning I’ve lost 68.3 pounds.  I’ve lost an average of 3.57 pounds per week for the last 4 weeks, so I can safely say that staying to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day or a little less has been the magic number for me.  If I keep at this rate, I will hit my next MAJOR milestone in early December.  Regardless, it would be nice to hit it by the first of the year, as that should be great motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow through the holidays.

I had my first pizza dream/nightmare last night.  I was somewhere where there was stuffed, deep dish, and thin crust pizza.  I was so scared that my coach would be mad at me, and I was so scared that having one little cheat would start a bad pattern of little cheats until I was in a failure cycle.  So even in my dreams I’m not indulging.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  On one hand, it would be nice if at least in my dreams I could eat as much pizza as I want…..

When I started this program I weighed more than 150 pounds more than my mom.  She’s lost 10 pounds since I’ve been on the program.  Today I now weigh 98 pounds more than my mom.

One thing I’m starting to be aware of, and it’s surprising to me, is that I’m actually an attractive woman.  Of course I never thought so when I was 68 pounds heavier.  I never thought so when I was 50 pounds lighter than I am now (and in my late teens), but no one thinks they are pretty in their teens/early 20’s.  But now I look in the mirror and I’m like “wow”.  My coach tells me all the time how pretty I am (and she’s married and not hitting on me).  And…I’ll be honest…I’m starting to get a bit more attention from men.  This is something I’m going to really struggle with, as men have never paid attention to me.  In college, as a size 16, I was huge compared to my size 4/6 friends, and did not get men’s attention then (that I noticed).  So I’m going to be naive about this whole thing, which I’m actually not looking forward to.  I’ve read that when you are smaller it’s harder to be able to read true intentions of men.  I guess the bright side is I suck at that anyway, so whatever.

OK, stalkers, I’m outta here.

I am now losing Chicago Symphony Chorus weight, season 1998-1999


In my first season of the Chicago Symphony Chorus, 1998-1999 we were preparing a huge tour to Berlin, Germany, where we performed Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron and Brahm’s German Requiem.  As I recall, we had rehearsals 2-3 times per week for pretty much the entire season, which was insane while working full-time.

I was living in Des Plaines, IL, working in Glenview, IL, and rehearsals were at 220 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL (Symphony Center).  I was 24-25, and still eating with bad habits from college.  Suffice it to say I was eating a lot of fast food prior to rehearsal at 7pm, and then having a substantial snack when I got home after 11pm at night.

I know I gained 20 pounds during this season, and I’m now at the upper edge of the 20 pounds.  This is why I know I’m losing the title of this post.  In 20 more pounds I could name the title “I am now losing my unrequited college love weight, ca. 1994-1997”, but I probably won’t.

Today I’m in a series of numbers I was in for such a short period of time it’s actually a blur.

65.1 as of this morning.  Day 109 on Ideal Protein.  Take that, fat!

Oh, and I had a lovely dinner with a lovely new friend last night who has been very lovely about my weird way of eating and even ordered a salad for dinner as well.  🙂

At home

Looking smaller all the time!

Happy clean the garage day!


What are your family traditions for clean the garage day?  Mine are filled with groans and bitching, until I succumb to the realization that someone needs to do it, and that someone is me.

Actually, cleaning the garage only took an hour.  We are now ready for the cold weather (the final prep prior to having the car in the garage for the winter will take probably 10 minutes).  After that I made a fabulous lunch (a stir fry with baby bok choy, green peppers, green onions, mushrooms, and an Ideal Protein chicken patty) and showered.

Next it was off to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bough a visor and a new golf glove.  Checked out golf shoes, but didn’t want to spend $79 on a pair of shoes today.  I want to prove to myself I’ll really go out and play.

Then I went to the Buffalo Grove Golf Course and spent some time at the driving range.  After a few decent shots, and plenty of poopy shots and swear words, I went for a bike ride in my neighborhood.  Am I the only one that hates intersections, getting off the bike, and then restarting?  I feel so uncoordinated with that.  At least I went out, and enjoyed myself too.

I topped off the day by cooking dinner and watching some Northwestern football.  So far it’s been a pretty boring game.  I need to study, but I’m just not feeling it tonight.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk at the Botanic Gardens with my good friend Kim, out to lunch, and then some errands (Petsmart & Sam’s).  After that I will study.

Over and out, stalkers.  Over and out.

My first 100 days


Friday, September 7th, 2012 was my 100th day on Ideal Protein.  As of September 6th (and 7th and 8th) I’ve lost 59.3 pounds.


To celebrate my first big milestone, which I reached at 55 pounds lost (and reached a weight I had not seen in a very long time (as mentioned in earlier posts), I treated myself to a true luxury….a full day (4 services) at the Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge, IL.

So I took 9/7 off from work and spent the entire day in Burr Ridge.  My first service (the hollyhock ritual) began at 10am, but anyone with a service was welcome to bring a swimsuit and swim in the pool of tranquility…which was a hot tub you could practically swim in, with really neat water fountains and faucets (Kohler…duh) all around.  There was a cooler pool of water you could jump into, which of course I did as well before scurrying back to the hot tub.  So I hung out in the pool of tranquility for 30 minutes or so, all by myself (heavenly), before going back to the ladies locker room and taking a shower, with yes, the most beautiful shower I’ve ever seen with all sorts of spouts on the wall, etc….The tile was really nice too.

I spent the day in their comfy robe and sandals.  During the hollyhock ritual you get a full-body exfoliation, a luxurious bath in the most beautiful tub you’ve ever seen in your life (jets and lights, and just luxury), and then get wrapped in an avocado body mask.  Of course beautiful spa music was playing throughout.

Next came a massage, in the same room which was fabulous.  After that I spent a few minutes in the locker room eating half of my ideal protein bar that I brought (thankfully) for lunch.  By now it was noon.  Then I had a pedicure, which was fabulous, and was the most beautiful setup I’ve ever seen, and didn’t smell a bit of nail polish.

Then I had a 30 minute break which I spent eating the other half of my bar, drinking citrus water (I tried the cucumber water earlier….eh), and spending time in the “relaxation room”…where you spend quiet time in-between services.

Finally, I had my facial, which was also fabulous.  I ended the day with a final shower in the heavenly locker room.  I had to rinse out the deep conditioner that had been in my hair since the 1st ritual.

This was a special occasion spa only.  This is not the run-of-the-mill my toes are frightening I need a pedicure, or a massage is in order.  No, this is for the rich and famous.  What did it cost?  Let’s just say I spent $10/per pound lost.

And it was worth every penny.  And I am worth every penny.