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Went to my first zumba class tonight.  Not only did I survive it, but I enjoyed it, and did well.  The instructor told me afterwards that I did a good job, and I must like to dance.  Why yes, I do.  I forgot that.

So yay.



Today I finally did it.  I reached my first big milestone.  The weight I haven’t been at in at least 11 years (in my last post I said 15…but based on 2 outfits I bought just prior to my first wedding in 2001 that I’m now fitting in to, I was this weight in April 2001).  Yes, I said first wedding.  Two weddings, one marriage, someday I’ll bore you with that tale.

So today I’m 56.1 pounds down.  Day 91.  It hasn’t been the easiest week.  Monday I was faced with bagel & cream cheese, a celebratory lunch, and cupcakes.  Today I’ve been faced with an ice cream social.  For real.  For real for real.  Look, I don’t care what you eat, but while I can’t eat it, I really don’t want to be around it.  And no, I can’t eat the damn banana.  Fruit is not on my plan.  Yes, that’s right.  Yes, it is a healthy diet, thanks for asking.

Some people do have a bit of an issue with the Ideal Protein plan, but it’s not meant to be forever.  It’s high protein, very low carb, very very low sugar, and very low calories.  No fruit is on the diet because of the natural sugar.  Carrots, corn, peas, and potatoes are not on the diet either.  Yes, I’ve survived just fine.  That doesn’t mean I want bread and treats in front of my face.  Just like a recovering alcoholic doesn’t want vodka and beer bottles sitting on her desk, or a crack addict with crack sitting in front of him.  Don’t get pissed at me when I don’t go to an optional ice cream social “just come for the comraderie”.  Ugh.

But anyway, I weigh something today I haven’t in more than 11 years, so yay.  Yay for me!  Yay!

And again, who am I?

It's me!

8/22/2012. 53.3 pounds lost! My face is looking thinner all the time!!!

53.3 pounds lost.  I am now at a weight I haven’t been at in well over 10 years.  When I reach 55 pounds lost (in 1.7 pounds from now) I will be in territory I don’t recall being in for probably 15 years.

I’m starting to look like myself again.  Interestingly enough, this is where body dysmorphia comes in, because I never saw myself as huge as I really was.  It was only in pictures that I would be horrified.  Now I’m starting to be ok with pictures again.

I have so much energy it’s crazy.  I’m actually researching mixed golf leagues, and have requested I meet up with my father for a golf refresher.  I think I will meet a quality man at a golf course, plus, it’s fun, plus, I’m good at it.  So there you go.

Yes, I mentioned meeting a quality man.  Well, the other guy isn’t “out” of the picture, but he really isn’t “in” either.  He needs to step up or step out.  Because who wouldn’t want me as a girlfriend?  Seriously?  Even at my weight I’m starting to look healthy(ier), and I’m smarter than hell, and witty.  I can dress myself and remember my address and know my letters and numbers to 100.  I mean come on!  By the time you are 46 (him, not me), and even after 6 months of on-again/off-again you can’t call me your girlfriend….you have baggage I don’t want to help cart around even with wheels.

Obviously, my confidence is shooting through the roof, and it’s about damn time.

It certainly isn’t always easy


So the last 4 days I’ve been up and down.

Day 1.  XX3.8

Day 2.  XX4.4

Day 3.  XX3.4

Day 4.  XX4.6

Day 5.  XX4.2 (seriously?)

So my only theory about what is going on is my menstrual cycle is out of whack, which is common for this diet.  I’ve been a raving lunatic (PMS) for the last 3 days, and I feel like it could occur any moment.  It would be 2 weeks early, but whatever.  I have not had a drop of artificial sweetener since I went off of it almost 2 weeks ago.  I have not cheated on the diet at all.  So this is all it could be.


So I look forward to having this mystery solved.  These stalls are driving me nuts.  I’m trying to embrace the journey, but sometimes it is difficult.

Tonight I went for a walk, which was helpful.  I went on 2 walks yesterday.  So I’m doing all that I can.

Over and out!