Daily Archives: July 31, 2012



For the last few weeks I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure, and it’s gone from 130/85 average, to 120/80 average, to 115/75.  It’s hovered around 115/75 and yesterday afternoon/this morning the bottom dropped out.  My IP coach told me it might happen, as she’s seen several clients almost suddenly need to go off of their blood pressure meds.

I’ve been on a very low dosage of a bp med since I was 23.  Today, I’m happy to report I’m no longer on the bp med.  Yesterday afternoon after returning home from the Botanic Garden I was taking my mom’s scooter out of the trunk of the car and got woozy.  This morning I checked my bp and it was 93/55.  Seriously.  So after checking both arms, and checking my mom for quality control purposes, we decided I should take the day off of work and get this resolved.

Because I had just seen my doctor at the beginning of July and she knew I was doing so well, and knew this day would be coming, we decided for me to just go off of the bp med starting now.

This evening I was back to 111/70 and feeling much better (the pill from last night has almost worked it way out).

So onward I go, less any blood pressure medication.  Life is certainly changing!