I’m Lost


Browsing the tube tonight and I see that the network called G4 is replaying Lost, and they are on part 2 of the pilot.  Seeing my old friends is like tearing my heart out from my chest.  That was the best show I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  It was the best show my mom has ever seen in her lifetime.  I hate how it ended.  They did not answer even 25% of the questions they created.  I’ve waited to buy the 6th and final season on Blu-ray for 2 reasons…..1) hoping the price will go down and 2) it’s still just too damn painful.

The only show that will come close to my feeling such a loss is General Hospital, when it finally gets cancelled.

It’s sad to see my old friends, yet I have not yet been able to look away.  Sigh.


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