Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

Boring and Random


So very sorry that I haven’t been verbose as of late.  I’ll put some random things on here.

1.  Shark Week starts August 12th.  I love me some Shark Week.

2.  My 20th high school reunion is on Saturday, 7/21.  Where did the time go?

3.  I’m also looking forward to the Olympics.  Don’t know how anyone can top China on 8/8/2008, but I’m sure London will be fun.

4.  As of this morning I’ve lost 35.9 pounds.  Cray-cray.

5.  We are looking at 2 more days of 95+ weather, and I hate that.  87 and lower is ideal for me.

6.  I have my outfit all chosen for my reunion.  I’m even going to wear heels (who am I?).

That’s all for now!