Finally yesterday afternoon we got a much needed break from the 100 degree weather.  I was watering my plants 2x a day, which is a lot considering I have partial sun/partial shade plants because I have northern exposure from my porch.

Tonight I took a break from cooking and took mom out to dinner.  I have found Outback to be a “safe” place for me to eat, with several things on the menu that fit my plan.  I could probably find something to eat everywhere, but I’m not that brave yet.

31.7 pounds lost as of this morning, Day 39.  I am still amazed at this diet, and amazed at how good I feel on it, and how easy it has been.

Tonight mom and I went for a walk around the neighborhood for an hour…..well, me walking.  Mom uses her scooter because she is on oxygen.  And of course, I was pushing the my cat Al in the stroller.  I love to walk by other walkers who smile as they walk by, and then REALLY smile when they realize it’s a cat in a stroller.  I just love that.

Summer 2011.

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  1. Keep up the good work, Amy. I live in the South Chicago suburbs too, and it has been beastly hot until the last few days. I too find this to be the easiest diet plan and lifestyle change I have ever been on. I have lost consistently and am down 16 lbs. at the end of week four. Sometimes it is still a challenge, especially on my deck when I crave a glass of wine, but I know it will be so worth it when I weigh what I want !

    • I have 2 cats that absolutely adore the stroller! The cat in the picture will sleep in it (I keep it in the house during the summer for a quick get-away), and will hop right in it when it’s time to go for the stroll. Congrats on your journey as well!

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