What will tomorrow bring?


Tomorrow is my 2-week weigh-in on my scale, and Friday is my 2nd appointment with my Ideal Protein coach.  As of Saturday I had lost 12 pounds since May 30th, so we’ll see in the morning.

I have not had to take one acid reducer since day 5 of the program.  I have had probably 10% the amount of aspirin I usually take.  I’m not going to turn into a “born again health nut”, but honestly, for me, sugar and refined carbs are poison.  And I’m so happy to have been without them for 2 weeks now.

I had a nightmare about food last night.  A nightmare.  Not a dream.  I had eaten 2 pieces of bread, one that someone had hidden in a recipe that I ate unknowingly and another piece that I took a bite out of.  I was really upset in the nightmare about this.  According to my coach – if I cheat 3 times I’m out of the program.  Any time you cheat you basically have to start over with the withdrawal and getting back to ketosis….so it’s a time and money waster.  I thought it was funny that instead of dreaming of pizza or Chinese food I had a dream about bread (and it was high-fiber grain bread too)!

Life sure is changing!  🙂

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