You All Everybody


My title is the name of the biggest hit by the band Drive Shaft, who was the fictional band that Charlie Pace and his brother were in on Lost.  I still miss Lost.  I will always miss Lost.  Two years later and I still haven’t purchased Season 6 (I have 1-5) to re-watch it.  Partially because I’m hoping the cost will go down, and partially because season 6 just didn’t make a ton of sense to me (the beginning of the season was cray-cray…..Other Other Others and Sayid coming back to life….wha?), and partially because it’s just too darn sad.  Still.  I loved that show and there will never be another like it for me.  I say that with confidence because my mom, who is in her 60’s, says the same thing….that it was the best television series in her lifetime.  Shows like Lost just don’t come around often.

Rainn Wilson, who I follow on Twitter, tweeted once “When is the next Drive Shaft CD going to drop?”.  Exactly Rainn.  I’ve wondered this question myself.

Days 1-7 of the lifestyle change worked out very well.  I’m down 8.4 pounds (a lot of water weight the first week) and lost 4.5 inches on the bod.  So yay!  Now where’s the pizza?  Joking…..

Tonight I met with my coach and found out some helpful things like I can eat my food whenever throughout the day, I just need to eat it.  4 cups of veggies a day is not the world’s easiest thing to do.  Unless it’s fried.  Joking…..

So the next time you see me if you think you are seeing less of me, well, you are! So yay again, and here’s to a good Tuesday overall.  🙂

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