Who are you?


My mom says this when I do something out of character, and that applied today.  Day 5 and this is weird but rocking!

I had only 4 hours of sleep, but I haven’t been tired today at all.  That NEVER happens.  I’m a 7-8 hour person.  And I only had 5 hours the night before too.

So I did a ton of errands and did not become my usual weekend errands crabby self.  I simply enjoyed myself.  Then I went grocery shopping.  On a Sunday afternoon!  That never happens.  That is usually a fate worse than death with all of the people there, continually trying to avoid everyone else’s cart, etc…But the biggest shock is I went grocery shopping.  Shopping for groceries.  Groceries I get to eat among tons of groceries I can’t.  And I wasn’t tempted.

So to recap….

  • not much sleep/no nap
  • no crabby errand-running
  • no temptations at the grocery store

Who am I?

So anyway, so far so good.  So yay!

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